Computing in tangible: using artifacts as components of ambient intelligence environments

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Book Chapter


In "Ambient Intelligence: The evolution of Technology, Communication and Cognition" (G.Riva, F.Vatalaro, F.Davide and M.Alcaniz,eds), IOS Press, p.121-142 (2004)


In this essay we will present a coherent way to create UbiComp applications. These are considered to consist of tangible objects, which carry the computing and networking technology required. By providing uniform abstractions and a supporting middleware, we treat objects as components of a UbiComp application. The component architecture is made directly visible and accessible via an Editor device that enables end-users to act as programmers. The possibility to reuse devices for several purposes - not all accounted for during their design - opens possibilities for emergent uses of ubiquitous devices, whereby the emergence results from actual use and people’s creativity
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