Ontologies Repository

DAISy team develops various ontlologies related to pervasive computing and ambient intelligent systems. Our ontologies are accessible trough our ontologies repository. In case you want to contribute extensions and/or further development of DAISy team ontologies please sent your request  via email to .


GAS-OS is a distributed operating system, which runs on autonomous resource-constrained artefacts. It provides interfaces to hardware components, and local management of resources (including sensors, actuators, memory and computing). It allows artefacts to publicize their properties and services in an intuitive way and supports people in managing inter-artefact collaboration connections by establishing P2P channels using different wireless networking protocols. GAS-OS uses an ontology manager to support negotiations for artefact compatibility, thus providing a multitude of ways for collaboration between artefacts. It also employs an intelligent mechanism, which unobtrusively monitors people's usage of the system and makes slight adaptations to improve performance.

eGadgetWorld Editor

A graphical tool that uses facilitates people in composing their own ambient intelligence applications easily as distributed systems of interconnected artefacts. It uses GAS-OS and has been tailored to run on PCs or PDAs.

GAS ontology

Defines the vocabulary that enables the interoperability among heterogeneous artefacts. It is based on a core ontology of basic terms and rules and enables the development of application-specific higher-level ontologies that define different semantic interpretations.