Scientific Publications

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Conference/events organisation

Conference and exhibition events, co-organised by DAISy team members

  • Tales of the disappearing computer, 1-4 June 2003 (more)
  • DC Jamboree 2003, 20-22 November 2003, IDII, Ivrea, Italy:
    exhibition of the DC project outcomes, invited presentations and
    workshops. (more)
  • DC-village stand at the IST conference 2003, Milan, Italy, 2-4 Oct.(more)
  • Workshop on Applying Adaptive Hypermedia Techniques to Service
    Oriented Environments focusing on Pervasive Adaptive Web Services and
    Context Aware Computing, 2004
    Christopoulou E., Kameas A., "Ontology-driven composition of service-oriented ubiquitous computing applications" (to appear)

Moreover DAISy team members have organised a
number of successful workshops, the list of which can be found in the
"scientific publications" section.

Networks of excellence

DAISy team actively participates as well as co-organises the following networks:

  • DC-network (www.disappearingcomputer.net).
    Kameas and Irene Mavrommati, members of the DAISy team are elected
    members in the steering group of DC network since Jan.2002, and have
    undertaken the organisation of several network events and the network
  • CONVIVIO network (http://www.convivionetwork.net)
    is a founding member of the CONVIVIO network. Achilles Kameas is part
    of the steering group of the Convivio network.

Publicity material:

For the Disappearing Computer network,
the DAISy team with the help of CTI marketing department have produced
a number of promotional brochures and leaflets on behalf of the DC
network and the Convivio network

  1. DC brochure (pdf) and accompanying cd-rom
  2. DC info leaflet (pdf)
  3. A series of DC posters
  4. Convivio leaflet (pdf) and posters
  5. DC Tales promotional material (posters, brochures, banners) (more)
  6. DC Tales, 2-3 June 2003 proceedings, Santorini, Greece (CTI press ISBN:xxxxxx order link)
  7. Amicomp workshop proceedings , 2-3 June 2003 Santorini, Greece (CTI press ISBN:xxxxx order link)

Media Appearances

TV & radio

  • ET1 - 24 October 2003: Live interview of A. Kameas and I. Mavrommati, at the daily programme: "Exei Gousto", by B. Tsoukala, 16h-18h.
  • National Greek Television (ET1) program: "Taksidevontas me to Avrio" (="Travel into the Future") presents e-Gadgets. Planned for spring 2003.
  • Dimensions of Physical and Cognitive Disappearance of Computers, Interview of Achilles Kameas for the Danish Radio, June 2001 (CTI)
  • EURONEWS 29/10/2003 - Intel looks ahead with PC retrospective - second part of the article
    Download video (7MB - Requires DivX Decompressor)

Newspapers & magazines and radio articles

Exhibitions - Live demonstrations

  • DC Jamboree 2001, November 2001, Zurich: e-gadgets project stand, display of technology involved, project presentation posters(more).
  • Ubicomp 2002 / DC Jamboree, Goetenburg, Sweden, 30/9,1-2/10 2002: exhibition and live demonstration of project results (Jamboree 2002,Ubicomp).
  • e-Gadgets Interactive Experience. DC Tales, Santorini, Greece,
    1-4 June 2003. Interactive demonstration of the eGadgets platform and
    GadgetWorld Editor. by I.Calemis, N. Drossos, I Mavrommati.(more)
  • Interactive demonstrator: Experiencing Extrovert Gadgets. I.
    Mavrommati, P. Markopoulos, J. Calemis. Human - Computer Interaction
    Conference, Sept. 2003, Bath, UK (more).
  • IST2003 conference, Milan, Italy, 2-4 Oct.2003: e-Gadgets project stand and live demonstrator to IST visitors (more)
  • DC Jamboree 2003: 20-22 November 2003, Ivrea, Italy. eGadgets info stand, and live demonstrator
  • DC Jamboree 2003: 20-22 November 2003, Ivrea, Italy. Plants project information stand

Dissemination Videos

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