Towards privacy protection in pervasive healthcare

Publication Type:

Conference Paper


In Proceedings of the 3rd IET International Conference on Intelligent Environments, Ulm, Germany, p.269-303 (2007)


Information leakage, Privacy violation


Proliferation of small handheld devices and wireless technologies has kindled the phenomenon of pervasive computing. Healthcare, being a prime concern for every society, has been considered as an ideal setting for deployment of this technology. Pervasive healthcare aims to
improve patient independent living and quality of life and pay special attention to issues of security, privacy, transparency and ease of use. From its very nature of being open and dynamic, the pervasive environment has been challenged with security and privacy related issues with regards to collaborative information sharing. In this paper,
we present some of the privacy challenges that arise when designing pervasive healthcare environments and discuss addressing some of these issues in a home based patient
monitoring system. Specifically, we cover privacy violation
through individual healthcare information availability and
information leakage through context-aware services.
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