Extracting and maintaining project knowledge using ontologies

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Conference Paper


In Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems, workshop for "Technologies for Collaborative Business Processes", Paphos, Cyprus, p.72-83 (2006)


One of the most valuable resources for organizations today is knowledge developed and held within their teams during the execution of their projects. Although the need for maximal reuse of lessons learned and knowledge accumulated for keeping companies at the leading edge is evident, this knowledge is often lost because it can be difficult or impossible to articulate. k.PrOnto1 framework infuses the process of project management with knowledge management technology and provides project managers with concepts and tools to support them in decision making and project control. The tools operate at a stand-alone mode, but, in the context of k.PrOnto architecture, can also be used as components of a distributed system operating at a higher organizational level. Thus the k.PrOnto framework assists large organizations in identifying best practices, metrics and guidelines, starting from individual projects and in amplifying their efforts to achieve organizational maturity and build corporate culture and memory.
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