End-User configuration of ambient intelligence environments : feasibility from a user perspective

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Lecture Notes


In Proceedings of the 2nd European Symposium on Ambient Intelligence(EUSAI) , Springer Berlin / Heidelberg, Volume 3295, Eindhoven, Netherlands, p.243-254 (2004)




We report research into concepts and technology for enabling endusers to configure Ambient Intelligent environments. In this paper we focus on the feasibility and acceptability of this endeavor from an end-user perspective. We describe a conceptual model and an experimental enabling technology that illustrates the viability of these concepts and a multi-faceted evaluation of these concepts from an end-user perspective. Our work suggests the need for a flexible approach in letting users choose how much should be observable of system structure and function or of the processes of system learning and adaptation. Directions for future research in this field are described in the form of some provisional principles for shaping the interaction with end-user configurable Ambient Intelligence environments.
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