On the implementation of a multi-agent system for computer based medical education

Publication Type:

Conference Paper


Proceedings of 2nd Panhellenic Conference with International Participation on Information and Communication Technologies in Education, Patra, Greece, p.246-254 (2000)


CORBA, Inscrutability, multi - agent communication, multi - agent teams, Organization of agent societies


Although several agent-based systems now exist on the network, most are essentially centralized on a single agent. However, the distributed, large-scale, dynamic nature of many problem spaces such as Medical Education calls for open, flexible and scalable solutions. This work proposes and implements a multi-agent based system that teaches a subject of Orthopedics. The proposed solution supports easy upgrade of the system during runtime and easy adaptation of the current system to teach other medical subjects. This paper deals with the chosen agent organization architecture and the inter-agent communication mechanism, which are the keys for the development of a modular, open, and adaptive


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