Towards a generic multi-agent architecture of computer-based medical education applications

Publication Type:

Conference Paper


In Proceedings of the 2nd Panhellenic Conference with International Participation on Information and Communication Technologies in Education, Patra , Greece, p.255-264 (2000)


Computer-Based Medical Education, Educational Software, instructional Agents, Intelligent Agents, Multi-Agent Architectures


In recent years, much research effort has been devoted in the development of systems in the context of intelligent agents. Several architectures have been proposed concerning the way agents are situated in a multi-agent system (MAS), how they act, negotiate and form teams in order to accomplish a simple or complex task. In this paper, we propose a generic MAS architecture that can be used in teaching a wide
range of Medical subjects. This architecture is a result of our experience in building several autonomous educational applications. This proposed architecture summarizes the common application features and promotes modularity, scalability and reusability of educational content and instructional procedures.
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