Mellon: a generator of intelligent tutoring applications

Publication Type:

Conference Paper


In Proceedings of the First International Conference on Computers and Advanced Technologies in Education (CATE 96), Cairo, Egypt, p.300-311 (1996)


Authoring Systems, Generators of Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Instructional Strategies


This work presents MELLON, an ITS Generator, which is designed for non expert authors that desire a rapid development of an ITS. An application produced by MELLON, attempts to transfer to the trainees two kinds of skills: procedural knowlendge on how to apply a certain methodology and declarative knowledge as the corresponding theoritical background to support a certain methodology. MELLON consists of two subsystems. Authoring subsystem that provides tools for the applications and Execution subsystem that supports the tutoring of the application developed using the Authoring subsystem. Execution subsystem utilizes an expert system in order to handle and transfer the procedural knowlengde is accomplished using other MELLON tools such as Application Configuration Manager, Domain Manager, Instructional Manager, Text Editor and Test Editor. A trainee model is constructed and attached to the ITSs that MELLON generates. Finally, other "external" tools, which may be more convenient to the authors can be easily accommodated in MELLON due to its open architecture.
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