Specifying the interaction with an expert system shell using interactive multi flow graphs (IMFG)

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Conference Paper


In Proceedings of the 5th Hellenic Conference of Informatics, Organized by the Greek Computer Society (GCS), Athens , Greece, p.601-613 (1995)


Methodology Tutor (HMeT) is a hybrid expert system that is embedded in GENITOR (an ITS Generator) and supports the description of the structure and dynamics of the procedural knowledge, during authoring, and is responsible for it's presentation during tutoring. In this paper, the specification of the user interaction with HMeT is presented in the form of an IMFG (Interactive Multi Flow Graphs) model. The purpose is twofold, on one hand, to demonstrate the specification of interactive applications, and on the other hand, to further validate IMFG and demonstrate it's formalism, expressive power and readability. The latter two are demonstrated by the different perspectives by which the IMFG specification of user and HMeT interaction can be seen, whereas the formalism is apparent. One perspective consists on the author's goal and subgoals achievementand the tasks that must be accomplished, whilst another perspective is the trainees interaction with the tutoring environment that focuses directly on his/her tasks that must also accomplished. This work is a part of a broader framework that intends to provide the author of interactive tutoring applications with graphical tools, which will use the specifications of the user- system interaction for the finally produced tutoring interfaces.
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