Encapsulating multiple perspectives in interaction specification

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Conference Paper


Proceedings of the 20th EUROMICRO Conference, ΙEEE Computer Society Press, Liverpool, UK, p.463-469 (1994)


In this paper, a design model that regards an interactive application as a set of processes is described. Each process can be specified using the IMFG (Interactive Multi Flow Graph) model, a process model that combines Petri Nets models properties with users cognitive aspects. In this way, several perspectives of interactive applications are offered to designers, these are behavioral, informational, causal and contertual. IMFG is used as the specification model of a graphical tool that supports the design of interactive applications as the continuous refinement of users goals, this forcing designers to "think in users terms".The strongest feature of IMFG is that it can be adapted to every domain of interactive applications. As an example, the model application to the design of the user interface of a highly-interactive authoring environment is briefly presented.
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