4Ds: an Architecture that dynamically synthesizes distributed content with distributed expertise into educational applications that support sustainable sessions for distributed learners

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Journal Article


Themes in Education, Special Edition "Information and Communication Technologies in Distance Learning: Issues and Trends", Volume 6, Issue 2, p.169-187 (2005)


New applications in training and education are emerging daily trying to meet the requirements of distant learners. Network-based or WWW-based
ITSs are expected to meet most of these requirements. In this context, software agents seem to be a promising distributed
software technology that can be used to implement WWW-ITSs. In this paper, we
present a multi-agent approach for constructing an educational application for
distance learning. The proposed architecture exploits the assumption
that each teaching subject can be regarded as the synthesis of elementary
pieces of knowledge, each of which can be presented by an independent expert.
Moreover, in order to better support individualized learning, a mobile agent is
placed at the disposal of each distant learner.
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