ORIETMAN: an intelligent tutor for the orient software development methodology

Publication Type:

Journal Article


IEEE Software Engineering , Volume 11, Issue 4, p.206-214 (1996)


Presents ORIENTMAN, an intelligent tutoring system (ITS) that
teaches the ORIENT (Object-oRiented Integrated ENvironmenT) methodology
for object-oriented analysis and design. This methodology has already
been implemented in the ORIENT CASE toolset, which was designed to
support and automate the system development process using a complete
object-oriented approach (from analysis to construction-generation).
ORIENTMAN has been developed using GENITOR (GENerator of Intelligent
TuTORing applications), an ITS generator that supports the design,
implementation, evaluation and revision of ITSs that specialise in
methodology training. It is a stand-alone training application that
combines the features of a computer coach and a gaming environment in
simulation-based training. It guides the trainees through a three-stage
training cycle: the first stage trains them, with the use of an expert
system, in the structure of the ORIENT methodology; the second stage
presents, under the control of another expert system, supporting and
explanatory information on the application of the methodology; and the
third stage supports the self-evaluation of the acquired skills.
ORIENTMAN has already been put in use, with encouraging results, as a
companion training tool that will help ORIENT users in understanding and
applying the ORIENT methodology