IDFG : an interactive applications specification model with phenomenological properties

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Microprocessing and Microprogramming, North-Holland, Volume 38, Issue 1-5, p.615-623 (1993)


In this paper we present a model based on Data- Flow Graphs called Interactive Data- Flow (IDFG) model. This model is used in the context of a CASE tool (SEPDS) for the specification of distributed interactive applications. Our effort was towards designing a model that would bridge the gap between designers and users perspective by providing the designers with a model that would permit them to "think in users terms". IDFG combines elements of control and data models together with characteristics of the object oriented paradigm, adopting an action- based description of user goals. It is this focus on user actions that gives IDFG a phenomenological nature. In addition, IDFG can be combined with the underlying data model of SEPDS in a straightforward manner, enabling the prototyping of distributed interactive applications. We show that IDFG meets many of the requirements that designers have from current interactive application specification systems, such as users- specified level of abstraction of interaction specification, support of mixed- initiative dialogues, modurarity and reusability of interaction. We conclude the paper by presenting a simple example of the application of IDFG and by presenting the state of our research.
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