Rule handling in the day-to-day resource management problem: an object-oriented approach

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Information and Software Technology, Elsevier Science, Volume 39, Issue 3, p.185-193 (1997)


Legality checking, Object-oriented application specific language, Rule handling


The day-to-day resource management problem is caused by a set of unexpected events which disturb the planned daily activities and thus
change the long-term optimal schedule. The solution to this problem presupposes that all the regulations for the handling of resources in the particular application domain have been satisfied. In this paper, a new approach to handling the rules in the resource management problem is presented. An object-oriented application specific language that allows the flexible expression of the rules, as well as the corresponding rule handling subsystem are presented. The design of the whole system is based on a generic meta-model derived from the object-oriented paradigm. This makes the system applicable to a wide range of problem domains such as repairs management, airline and other transportation scheduling, school scheduling, etc. The system has been developed and tested as a subsystem of the DAYSY system, a day-to-day resource management system for the airline domain.
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