A Generic Legality Checker and Attribute Evaluator for a Distributed Enterprise Environment

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Conference Paper


Proceedings of the third IEEE International Symposium on Computers and Communications (ISCC’98), IEEE CS PR08538, Athens, Greece, p.286-292 (1998)




The present state of communication networks with respect to speed and reliability and the recent growth of distributed applications have created a need for a global enterprise solution to the legality checking and attribute
evaluation requirement. Traditionally, the mainframe systems provided the cohesion of all the processes with respect to the company regulations. When decentralized systems and applications became widely used the legality checking mechanism lost its central role and became a necessary component for every decentralized system. In this paper a methodology to reconnect these systems with respect to their legality checking and attribute evaluation needs is presented. A generic Legality Checking system has been developed and integrated with scheduling systems of the airline domain. It is shown that the clientserver model adopted can bring back in a flexible manner the lost homogeneity of the central legacy systems.
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