SOA Workshop Trondheim - agenda

Just to start the discussion on the agenda for the SOA workshop in Trondheim 4-5 March.

 Monica listed some topics in her email, which may serve as a good starting point:

  • Status of ASTRA SOA
  • Detailed planning of activities
  • Integration and alignment of the SOA to theory, end user tools, and user studies
  • Evaluation of the SOA (plan)
  • Demonstrator(s) for Y2 review
  • Dissemination of SOA (common paper?!)

What I see as the most important thing we need to decide is the expected (or desired) outcome of the workshop. To further detail the above points, I at least would like to have defined:

  • ASTRA SOA v1.5 spec:
  • What new functionality has been implemented? Redesigns needed?
  • Current deadline end of Feb (i.e. right before the workshop). Is this feasible due to Otto leaving the project?
  • Do we need to model new messaging/interactions for new functionality?
  • Demonstration for audit?

Conserning the redesign

Conserning the redesign issues we need to consider:

  • Community oriented vs User Oriented SOA
  • Local components vs Distributed Components
  • Domain Ontology for ASTRA applications
  • Align the SOA components with the requirements from the EUTs
  • Community manager / User manager specific data
  • Local Storage/share storage
  • Update of ontology instances

3rd Party Applications

  • MSN
  • Facebook