Download ASTRA Deliverables

ASTRA work will be developed in the 4 main workpackages, each dealing with Theory, Scenaria and System Specifications, Service Oriented Architecture, End User Tools, and User Studies. The expected results of work within these workpackages are:
  1. A theory of connectedness and awareness.
  2. A descriptive model and a design framework for mechanisms that realize mediated awareness.
  3. An ontology of awareness services, enabling service composition.
  4. An integrated service oriented architecture that supports the development of awareness applications.
  5. Specifications, design and implementation of tools aimed at end users, which support community driven development of awareness applications.
  6. Participatory design of awareness applications by end-users.
  7. Evaluation of the derived models and validation of the theory of connectedness through users studies (in the field and in the HomeLab of Philips research).