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Designed by the Department of Medical Physics


In this section you could find images and videos related to project SOCIAL:

  • sim_overview.mpg: This video demonstrates the basic functionality of the Multi Agent Based Simulation Environment (M.A.S.E.). In it five simulated robots are included. The robots are controlled by a simple state machine based on the subsumption architecture. The controller has four simple behaviours:
    a) wandering: randomly choosing a direction
    b) obstacle avoidance: moving away from obstacles (grey lines shows range-finders' range while green lines shows range-finder contacting obstacle)
    c) follow signal: trying to follow a RF field emitted by peers. (the semi transparent grey spheres surrounding robots)
    d) goal seeking: robots try to reach the fault's core using its three pH sensors. Fault position is indicated with a magenta coloured point while its field is signalled with a semitransparent magenta sphere.
    e) The movie also shows the camera operators that allows users to pan, tilt, zoom and reverse-zoom the camera.

  • Snapshots from the SOCIAL CAA Maker module

    Figure 1: Designing an SNN with the SOCIAL CAA Maker

    Figure 2: A sample SRM neuron (ComplexNode) designed with the CAA Maker

    Figure 3: Node's Popup Menu

    Figure 4: Defining an SNN node’s properties

    Figure 5: The VHDL toolkit of the CAA Maker







The project is funded by the European Community under the "Information Society Technologies" Programme

 (01/01/2003 - 31/05/2006)